Strong Phrases (Messages)

Strong Phrases Messages

Strong phrases can help you at different times in life, especially in the most difficult and decisive ones. Check out the best strong messages that will impact your life!

here you do, here you pay.

Nothing in life will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

The important thing is not to win every day, but always to fight.

Sometimes the only solution is to be strong and to withstand with integrity all the challenges that life has faced us.

I cry, I feel pain and I am sad, but I will never stop being strong and fight for my happiness.

The important thing is not to win every day, but always to fight.

Love life to the point of losing your fear of it.
Love life to the point of losing your fear of it.

Greater than the sadness of not having won is the shame of not having fought!

Being strong is not putting up with everything but knowing how to say no to what is bad for you.

I choose to be strong to row against the tide because I believe that after passing the rough sea I will be able to find my good port.

If you’re going to cheat, don’t date. If it is to deceive, do not say you love. If you want to be fake, do not become a friend. The world does not need this.

In life everything passes, but not everything we forget.

You only write to provoke an enemy, to win a woman or to earn a lot of money.

Even for the bad I thank you, and with a full heart I smile and receive all the teachings of life.

Being strong is not fighting until you win or lose, but to persist in what is considered to be the right path.

Learn to laugh at your stumbles.

Love now. Speak Now. Demonstrate it now. Hug now. Answer now. Life is a blow.
Love now. Speak Now. Demonstrate it now. Hug now. Answer now. Life is a blow.

Enthusiasm is the greatest strength of the soul. Keep it and you will never lack the power to get what you want.

I keep trying to do good to live a life without regrets where love is the most valuable item.

To be strong is to fight. That’s it: fight for what is believed, against everything and everyone if necessary.

Don’t tell lies about me that i won’t tell you truths.

Life is an echo. If you are not enjoying what you are getting, watch what you are broadcasting.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.

If it makes you smile, it’s because it makes you feel good. If it does you good, don’t let it slip away.

To be strong is to be bigger and to make courage your way of life.

There are still people who do not know, when they get up, where the next meal will come from and there are hungry children who cry.

What is taken from that life is the life that is taken.

Who dared to conquer and went out to fight, goes further!
Who dared to conquer and went out to fight, goes further!

Being as I am is my asset to this game of life.

If being strong is the only way out, so be it, I will be stronger than ever!

People cry, not because they are weak. It is because they have been strong for a long time.

The best feelings in life cost us only courage.

Our biggest weakness is in giving up. The surest way to win is to try again.

I don’t always have a reason to smile, but I’ll never stop looking for them.

Being strong is the art of those who survived past adversities and learned the recipe for future ones.

A man’s worth should be measured by what he gives and not what he receives. He does not become a man of success but a man of values.

Life’s problems are the size that we give them.

Whoever wants to overcome an obstacle must arm himself with the strength of the lion and the prudence of the serpent.

Misses? Look it up. Love? Say you love. Showing your feelings doesn’t hurt. You never know what your last chance will be.

A strong person is not one who is not afraid of anything, but one who faces his fears.

Be stronger than your best excuse.

The taste of life depends on who seasoned it.

If you ever have to choose between the world and love remember: if you choose the world you will be without love, but if you choose love with it you will conquer the world.

Life goes by too fast so we don’t enjoy every moment.

You will have to learn that life only gives wings to those who are not afraid to fall.

What defines me is my essence. And not your opinion.

If you want to live a happy life, stick to a goal, not people or things.

As long as there is a will to fight, there is hope to win.

What we will show is relevant, but only what we carry in our hearts is truly important.

The greater the adversity, the greater my determination to remain firm and strong.

Well-resolved people do not make other people’s lives hell.

Let your hopes and not your pains shape your future.

I think we have to win. Or fight. And be okay. Happy. Create. Do. Move. I hate self-destruction.

I fought a lot, I fought like a warrior, but finally I realized that I am not here to conquer the whole world.

I don’t ask you to move mountains, just to be strong enough to start climbing.

Blessed is the clarity of words when spoken with the heart.

You are much more than an opinion formed by someone who doesn’t even know you!

If A is success, then A is equal to X plus Y plus Z. The work is X; Y is leisure; and Z is to keep your mouth shut.

There is no greater freedom than being slaves to our dreams.

I will not only be strong, but much stronger than any obstacle that comes up in the path of my dreams.

Great powers bring great responsibilities.

Get away from people a little and see the importance they give you.

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

I am my struggle for what I want to be and until I reach it I will be equally happy.

We have to be strong because sometimes we have no alternative but to hit head-on adversities.

To be strong is to keep flying high when your wings are pulled out of you.

Everyone thinks about changing humanity and nobody thinks about changing himself.

I am not obliged to win but I have a duty to be true. I am not obliged to succeed but I have a duty to respond to the light that I have.

Happy is the one who dedicates to others the same time that dedicates to himself.

To be strong is to accept and understand suffering and have the courage to keep fighting.

In revenge and in love the woman is more barbaric than the man.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know if it’s going to work or not.

People often say that motivation doesn’t always last. Well, neither the effect of the bath, so it is recommended daily.

The difference does not scare me, but the normality that always lacks originality.
The difference does not scare me, but the normality that always lacks originality.

Life is a test of fire that tests our strength every day.

Keep strong. Be true.

Nobody crosses our path by chance and we don’t enter anyone’s life for no reason.

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

There is no strength in the world that compares with that found within ourselves.

In life it is necessary to have a root, not an anchor. The root feeds you, the anchor immobilizes you.

Would the child you were, be proud of the person you are today?

Every human action, whether it becomes positive or negative, must depend on motivation.

It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose freedom.
It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose freedom.

Pride is armor against those who constantly try to demote us.

Much of the suffering is created by ourselves.

Before you speak, listen. Before you act, think. Before criticizing, know. Before you give up, try.

The real motivation comes from fulfillment, personal development, job satisfaction and recognition.

Stop and change your course because to make things better you need to give more and more of yourself!

Courage to live the difficult days is the revelation of the strength of each one.

The greatest hero is the one who makes the enemy a new friend.

Failure is the opportunity to start again with more intelligence and increased will.

Despite our shortcomings, we need to see that we are unique gems in the theater of life and understand that there are no successful people or failed people. What exists are people who fight for their dreams or give up on them.

Complaining or giving up does not solve your problems, but strength does if accompanied by courage.

All we need to face our challenges is a good dose of courage and a lot of strength.

A business that produces nothing but money is a poor business.

It is not necessary to say everything that is thought, but it is necessary to think everything that is said.

Persistence is the path to success.

The strength of man is not defined by his physical capacity, but in faith and trust in something greater!

Strength alone is weak, but coupled with courage and hope it is mega powerful!

The word impossible was invented by someone who gave up.

Never let your happiness depend on others. They would not fail to be happy for you.

Failure is just an opportunity to start more intelligently.

I make my dreams my daily struggle that will only end when I realize them.

I may seem like a fragile person, but within me there is a strong character that no one can break.

Strong are those who transform what was darkness into light.

Truth hurts. Doubt erodes. The lie destroys.

A great success can only be achieved when we remain true to ourselves.

All I want to do is be happy with the choices I made.

I’ve fallen a few times and now I proudly show all the scars I got, because they made me stronger.

No question is indiscreet. Some answers are what they usually are.

It is better to be true and lonely than to live in falsehood and always be accompanied.

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose what we could often win, out of simple fear of taking chances.

No one is strong enough if they are not permanently brave.

The strong use intelligence. The weak, the aggressiveness.

Be driven by your dreams and not pushed by your problems.

It is difficult to win a friend in an hour; it is easy to offend him in a minute.

The world is full of simple things; dare more, better and now!

It is never too late to be what you always wanted to be.

Humility does not make you better than anyone, but it makes you different from many.

Life taught me that being strong is the only way out of all the problems we face in life.

In the face of storms, stay strong and brave, as the bonanza will come along with your reward.

Going through problems, struggles and pain is part of the journey, but it is up to you to decide if you will beat them, or let them beat you.

We will never know how strong we are, until being strong is our only choice.

The fear of losing takes away the will to win.

You just need to be strong and hold on a little longer because the recovery is tough but it ends.

No dream is greater than my determination, nor is any challenge stronger than my strength to overcome!

Miss yesterday, learn today and get over tomorrow.

Never confuse knowledge with wisdom. One helps you earn a living; the other, building a life.

To be a woman is to be strong and it is to fight for your dreams and for justice among all.

Strong is not what stands out, but what in silence never loses its courage and keeps trying.

Stop suffering and make it happen!

To gain knowledge, add things every day. To gain wisdom, eliminate things every day.

Be strong, have courage and remember that I will be by your side always. I’m sorry for your loss.

My desire is to have courage as strong as a fearless heart!
My desire is to have courage as strong as a fearless heart!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

He who has no confidence in others cannot win their trust.

The friendship between cousins ​​is beautiful, because it is built on the pillars of the family and that is what makes it so strong!

With strong thinking and a heart full of courage, the dreamer fulfills his dreams!

Everyone has the good and the bad within them.

Choosing your time is saving time.

The worst is over, now just keep your mind positive for a full recovery. Be strong!

Standing up after a heavy defeat strengthens us to not give up and come back stronger.

Past is a lesson to reflect on, not to repeat.
Past is a lesson to reflect on, not to repeat.

We risk losing when we want to win too much.

I am a hardhead, I know, but I also know that I have a good, strong, warrior’s heart!

If you get tired, learn to rest and not to give up.

Many know how to make money, but few know how to spend it.

Being strong is not always an option, sometimes it is the only solution.

Be stronger than your best excuse.

If you intend to be rich, think about saving as much as earning.

You never know how strong you are, until your only alternative is to be strong.
You never know how strong you are, until your only alternative is to be strong.

True love is born in difficult times.

The dignified man wins to live; the less honest live to win.

It is not enough to be strong to win trials of fire, sometimes it is necessary to have resilience.

To be together it is not necessary to be close, but inside.

In marriage, each person must carry out the function that belongs to him. The man must earn money, the woman must save.

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