Sad phrases for moments of sadness

Sad phrases for moments of sadness

The moments of sadness need special attention, as they serve to reflect and seek recovery.

If you feel like you need to express your sadness, check out some of the best sad phrases:

Sometimes life takes all smiles from us and there is only room for sadness.

From my reality is born sadness, from my love is born uncertainty. I know what I want, but I also know that I cannot be forgiven.

Sadness does not end Happiness does.

Beware of sadness. She is an addiction.
Beware of sadness. She is an addiction.

As the disease occurs in the body, so sadness occurs in the spirit.

Today the sun did not shine, the birds did not sing, the laughter fell silent and the tears rolled down my face. My heart suffers in silence.

My sad heart only knows how to cry for your absence.

Sad season! It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.

Sadness is the agony of a moment. Cultivating sadness, a lifelong mistake.

Remember that life is not sad, even though there are times when you can only cry.

I feel alone, I feel sad, I no longer see sense in anything I do. I just wanted this pain to go away.

Life is not sad. There are sad hours.
Life is not sad. There are sad hours.

On the wings of time, sadness flies.

The sadness is so great that it is not the eyes that cry, but the heart.

The saddest thing is to look at the path I have taken and feel that I am wasting my life.

Words cannot express any sadness at this time.
Words cannot express any sadness at this time.

It’s been so long that I don’t know what happiness is. I live my life in this constant sadness.

Because sadness and failure are like brothers, raise your most positive side and know success!

Waking up and living a life that is not ours is the greatest sadness of life.

If my eyes showed my soul, everyone, when they saw me smile, would cry with me.

I fell into false promises that brought me sadness, hurt and disappointment, but made me the strong person that I am today.

There is no sadness in life that prevents me from fighting for my happiness.

I’m fine, I’m just not happy.

Is there any medicine that will heal all this pain that I keep in my heart?

I’m not that sad, it’s just that I’m tired today.

No one has ever seen anyone that love makes them so sad.

Life is a series of sad moments punctuated by happy moments.

I don’t have time to remember who made me sad, I’m more concerned with who makes me happy.

Friendship duplicates joys and divides sadness.

We cannot always smile and be happy, sometimes there is sadness, a tear to test our courage.

Neither happy nor sad. Just supporting.

It was too good to be true … Deep down I was sure that one hour all that happiness would become disappointment and sadness.

Happy in the sadness, sad in the hapiness.

To resign yourself to a sad life is to see, after the rain, a black and white rainbow.

And when I’m sad, just hold me.

Greater than the sadness of not having won is the shame of not having fought!

The only sadness that has no consolation in life is the sadness that has been earned.

My sadness is like a snowball; it increases in size as it descends through a mountain of disappointments called life.

I like to make people happy, even when I’m sad.

I am sad today, but it does not mean that I will be sad forever. Happiness will smile at me again. I believe!

I am sad when someone offends me, but, for sure, I would be sadder if I were the offender… Hurt someone is terrible!

We don’t always cry when we feel sad, sometimes unhappiness is hidden behind a smile.

Yes, I know what sadness and disappointment is and that’s why I became stronger and today I live life with a lot of emotion.

Don’t hide behind a false smile. You have a right not to be well.

Nothing else makes sense and I continue to live with this sadness stuck in my chest. I just want to stop crying!

There is no loneliness more sad than that of the man without friendships. The lack of friends makes the world feel like a desert.

The busy bee has no time for sadness.

Worse than sadness is loneliness, which gradually leaves us cold inside.

Make the confetti sad, throw it high and let the wind blow.

And there is no medicine, and there is no cigarette to calm the devil from thinking what we could be.

Melancholy: Romantic way to be sad.

Sad is life for him who finds neither hope nor beauty in the charms of this world.

The worst part of feeling this sadness is having no one to share it with.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

Life is beautiful and the world is sad!

One of these days, I take some time and catch up on all the cries that I haven’t had time to cry.

It is so sad to know the taste of disappointment; there is no greater pain in this world!

To live without dreaming is to give up being happy.

I’m without you just love.

Dear God, allow this sadness to end and I can smile again.

It is a sad thing to wish someone who does not know how to forgive …

How sad it is to live without a purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Nothing is sadder than having to pretend that everything is fine.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

It is sad to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen to it.

The life of those who look at it with pessimism is always sad.

There are still people who do not know, when they get up, where the next meal will come from and there are hungry children who cry.

Medicine creates sick people, mathematics, sad people, and theology, sinners.

It is enough that happiness arises again for the disappointment to lose strength and the sadness to disappear in an instant.

The harshness of a moment of sadness transmits lessons for a lifetime!

One day this sadness will pass. I will overcome, I am stronger than all these difficulties.

Not that he was sad, he just didn’t feel anything anymore.

Love ends and tears start to fall. How sad it is to live the end of a relationship!

Before you hurt a heart, make sure you are not inside it.

It is not sad to change your mind, it is sad to have no ideas to change.

The sadness is so great that I have already cried all the tears that were in the world.

Suddenly, it ended like a fire that goes out with the rain. You left without taking the memories.

If some people turn away from you, do not be sad, this is the answer of the prayer: “deliver me from all evil, amen”.

Being able to share our sad feelings makes us avoid the worst of them: loneliness.

I have two weapons to fight despair, sadness and even death:
the laughter on horseback and the gallop of the dream. That is what I face this hard and fascinating task of living.

When a love comes to an end there is only sadness, disappointment and hopelessness.

The pain of a few moments gives us great teachings.

I cried an entire ocean tonight, I needed to empty.

I lived very close to the skin and didn’t even realize that the times I laughed I felt like crying.

The saddest thing about modern architecture is the strength of its material.

There is no sadness like a heart feels when it sees that its great love is also the reason for its greatest disappointment.

Today my day dawned sadder, because I remembered the smile of a great friend that life took away from me without any warning.

Do not give in to sadness. Just being alive gives you reasons to be happy.

The silence of that loneliness echoes in me. I could live without a heart.
The silence of that loneliness echoes in me. I could live without a heart.

At some point my heart will succumb to so much sadness and disappointment that I see where I go.

Sad is when someone who was everything in our life one day becomes only memory and longing.

It is a sad thing to wish someone who does not know how to forgive.

I was the one who got it wrong, when I put too many feelings where there shouldn’t be anything.

Let’s say goodbye to sad thoughts and only good memories remain. Only love remains in the chest, because in the end what is worth is to be happy.

Tired of disappointments and sadness in my life, I now live with a new hope in my heart.

Replace fears with dreams so that sadness gives way to hope in your life.

I cry because it is the only way to get rid of this sadness.
I cry because it is the only way to get rid of this sadness.

There is nothing better for one soul than to make another soul less sad.

I have an infinite sadness in me that fills my face and heart with tears.

I don’t know if I cry, juice or pretend I’m fine.

Anguish is our heart overflowing with sadness.

My tears have no name, but they are full of sadness.

Joy opens, sadness closes the heart.

Your memory hurts me so much.

I like to make people happy, even when I'm sad.
I like to make people happy, even when I’m sad.

I feel the pain of the world in me and my shoulders are heavy for knowing that there is so much sadness.

When the pain no longer fits in the chest, it overflows through the eyes.

Happiness is not for everyone.

Pure sadness is as impossible as pure joy.

Fill your life with happiness so that there is no place for sadness!

Sadness does not kill, but it hurts and mistreats.

I’ve been sad for a long time, but nobody seems to notice …

If a man is happy then he is sad every day. Each day he has his share of sadness or his little concern.

It is normal to feel sad from time to time, but when that happens know that I will be here to help you.

When sadness takes root in your life, it paralyzes you and prevents you from finding happiness.

Loneliness is the end of those who love.

He looked strong in the morning, but his world collapsed every night.

Only grief should be the teacher of the wise.
Sadness is knowing.

May sadness never become routine, but rather that happiness gain prominence in your days!

The best way for you to overcome moments of sadness is to focus on what is positive in your life.

The world is sad without you.

I collect disappointments.

The evil we do is always sadder than the evil they do to us.

All of these tears are synonymous with sadness, but also with learning and strengthening.

Happiness is beneficial to the body, but it is sadness that develops the powers of the mind.

Maybe in a parallel world I don’t miss you.

Hate is sadness accompanied by the idea of ​​an external cause.

I will wipe away your tears and help you deal with that sadness. There is no pain stronger than the good of the heart.

I am not sad to have problems, but because life does not give me a way out of them.

And you know what’s the worst? I already know this story by heart. They are going to pierce a bigger and bigger wound in us.

I am sad of absurd sadness. Very sad. You can hardly bear it, but you can.

My heart, even bruised, does not stop thinking and loving you!

As the disease occurs in the body, so sadness occurs in the spirit.

I don’t know if I slept, or went through another night without smiling.

Sad when a person does not know what to do with the cold in the belly and decides to cool the heart too.

How can I smile and live happily if my heart is broken, broken, without repair?

May life give me health, protect me from sadness and keep me from false people who pretend to be friends!

If we do not know how to forget, we will never be free of sadness.

I’m tired of hearing that everything is going to be okay. Time passes and everything remains in the same mess.

I don’t know what my emotional state is anymore, seriously. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad. I just feel emptiness inside me.

Behind a silent face is sometimes a heart loaded with a dose of suffering that few people are able to understand.

Don’t let sadness shake or condition your life; fight it until you feel at peace again.

I look strong, but my heart is fragile and full of marks.

It is sad not to cry, if I also cried, and no, there is no remedy to cure this pain that has not yet passed, but will pass, the pain that hurt us. And no, no, there is no clock to turn back, time flies.

I know how difficult it is to wake up and fall asleep with a heart broken by love.

Wealth is achieved with effort, conserved with care and lost with sadness.

Love exists only for two. Love alone is called “sadness”.

My joy also comes from my deepest sadness and that sadness was a failed joy.

Life taught me that sadness does not solve my problems, but joy helps me not to think about them.

Launch knowledge and you will not be sad.

An unrequited love always rhymes with a broken heart.

Your memory hurts me so much.

God, give me your lap. These are difficult days …

She was not looking to cry. And her sadness was a big, heavy fatigue, without anger.

Life is like that, friends go away, love disappears and in the end, we can only accept loneliness.

No evil is eternal nor sadness lasts a lifetime, so calm down, breathe and resume your search for happiness.

Where are those who claimed to be my friends? Here I am suffering and without a shoulder to console myself.

A real friend can see the sadness in his eyes, when everyone else just sees his smile.

It is difficult to continue when I find no reason.

The heartbreak that plagues my heart is something I do not wish for anyone, as it only brings sadness to my life.

Perhaps this is what life is all about, a vain search for a happiness that doesn’t even exist.

Unrequited love turned my passionate heart into a broken heart.

What today is a sad feeling, tomorrow becomes a lesson in life.

All great love is only great if it is sad!

Life teaches us a lot and, even so, in the end we can only feel that we still have a lot to learn.

Yeah, you left. I didn’t understand it at the time, I found myself alone now.

It starts to rain and the tear will mix with the water that falls from the sky.

There is something sadder than growing old: staying a child.
There is something sadder than growing old: staying a child.

Forgetting love is the beginning of a glorious fight for every broken heart!

Why have I done this a thousand times, how come I never learned it? Not to like people that fast.

And when she is in my arms; Sadness seems banal; My heart to pieces; Please refer to an additional number.

The pain I feel is the only thing that reminds me that I am alive.
The pain I feel is the only thing that reminds me that I am alive.

Sadness is a broken tile in the house of our life, but hope is a blanket that protects us.

In the face of life, I smile and show myself strong to hide the typical fragility of those who understand life.

When I feel sad, I think of you and suddenly everything looks better. A good night for one of the most special people in my life.

Cry to relieve, smile to disguise …

I write lying down and the lines are crooked, as if I had been drinking. I just drank a little sadness.

The bitter taste of disappointment is all that you have left in my life.
The bitter taste of disappointment is all that you have left in my life.

That longing mixed with sadness.

Yesterday after you left I confess that I was sad as always. But, for the first time, sad for you.

Over time I learned to get along with life, laughing at the sadness and being happy with what I have.

I’m tired of pretending it’s okay. I’m tired of holding back my tears. I am tired of hiding that deep sadness that lives in my heart.

It is very sad to become rubbish in the eyes of the person you love, and who once loved you too …

Some people leave and, with them, take the chance that we had to resume ties or ask for forgiveness.

Sadness is not the end of the line, but giving up is, so resist and overcome everything that is not right in your life!

I want to disappear, be alone, forget about problems and be a little at peace.

The saddest thing about the unfortunate is that they live happily.

I don’t think I feel any more pain, I don’t feel anything anymore. I am indifferent to life and there is nothing more sad.

No one can be trusted anymore. Every day is a new disappointment!

What makes a person spend time being sad when they can be happy?

Regretting the experiences lived is a way of preventing their own development.

Sing, sing, my people Let go of the sadness Sing loud, sing loud That life will get better.

Sadness does not kill, but it gradually destroys.

Being happy takes a lot of work. That’s why I always look at sadness as a vacation!

The book of my life is written sometimes with tears of sadness, sometimes with smiles of hope.

Be careful, sadness is addictive.

The sad thing about the paths is that they can never go where they want.

The truth is that my heart breaks into a thousand pieces when I think of everything I wanted to do, but I didn’t have the courage.

Sadness appears uninvited and needs a push to abandon your life.

The wound heals, but the wounded will never be the same.

But there is a sadness out of nowhere … a lack of you.

To suffer for love is to know small deaths throughout life.

Love only exists if it is true, if it is nothing but a sad fluke in life!

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