Romantic Phrases for Boyfriend (Messages)

Romantic Phrases Boyfriend Messages

Romantic phrases are great for expressing our feelings about our love. Check out the best messages for you to send to your boyfriend the one you like the most!

It was so natural, everything lined up so lightly that when we saw it, it was no longer possible to avoid.

I lose myself easily in that smile of yours.

Everything gets even more beautiful next to you.

I, who already love you so much, don’t even love you everything yet.

I always hope to be worthy of your love, I always hope to have you by my side, I always hope that you will continue to love me, just as I love you. May we build a life together, a life full of love, joys and stories that show everyone how much we have always loved each other!

Getting to know you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing that it would be my favorite forever.

I went through some very difficult moments in my life, but they all led me to you. And today I know that if I had to, I would do and go through it all again. Just to have you by my side again! All my pains were forgotten when you came into my life and colored it in a way that had never happened before.

I tried to write many things, but eventually I discovered that love is better to feel than to say, and that millions of beautiful phrases would never achieve the greatness I feel for you. In short… I love you.

My happiness has no price, it has your name.

It was as if I said, without saying, “I know it’s been a long time, but I still love you.

Life has taught me that to be free is also to choose where to hold yourself, and I choose you every day.
Life has taught me that to be free is also to choose where to hold yourself, and I choose you every day.

Connection is the most beautiful and rare thing there is.

If you gave me three wishes, three times I would ask for you.

I don’t want you for a day, a month or a year. I want you for life!

I have an immense desire to hide you in me, to protect you from this evil world. Do you know when we want to keep someone in a little pot? That’s what I feel when I know you’re sad. Love, the world is beautiful, just like you! I’m by your side for every moment. You are my boyfriend and my life partner!

I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you! I love you, because you put your hand on my soul and you passed under my weaknesses and with your love you brought out in the light all the beauty that no one before you could find.

Whatever happens, tomorrow or for the rest of my life, now I am happy because I love you.
Whatever happens, tomorrow or for the rest of my life, now I am happy because I love you.

But I love you. I just wanted to end by saying it. I love you. I really do.

I realized I loved you when I looked at your smile and wanted to see you for the rest of my life. Everyone needs a safe haven and mine is you!

I’m passionate about every detail of your being.

I wouldn’t change anything about you. Just your address, maybe.

It’s been beautiful to share life with you.

I wish I could take you to a distant place, where there is only the two of us and our love that is immense and capable of healing and solving all the ills. But while I can’t take you somewhere else, I remain here, being the happiest girlfriend in the world and trying to share it with other people.

I break all my rules for you. I love you, you are the reason for my life.

I love you. With all the letters, words and pronunciations. In all languages and accents. In every sense and way.

I love you in an incredible and contradictory way. A will to call, a longing. But I am strong here!
I love you in an incredible and contradictory way. A will to call, a longing. But I am strong here!

To be with you, to smile and to thank you!

To love is to be able to wake up next to you for the rest of my days.

I will love you from January to January until the world ends.

I see you and I can already see the love overflowing through your eyes. You are my beloved, my eternal boyfriend. When I look at you, I feel as if my heart is going to jump out of my body. We’ve been together so long, but it always feels like the first time I’ve seen you. You have awakened the best feelings in me, I am yours until the end of our lives. I love you!

Why not say that I love you, if that is also a way of loving; it may seem strange, but the word love is not just a man’s to a woman or vice versa; it can be a great friend, a father or a mother, what matters is the affection and tenderness you have with that person, remember! Those who love forgive and know how to understand the imperfections of other people.

Anyone who takes your place would be a weak substitute.

I love you. With all the letters, words and pronunciations. In all languages and accents. In every sense and way. With all circumstances and motives. I simply love you.

In his chest I align myself, I feel at home and I know I am in the right place.

May our love win all cause.

You have the secret formula of my happiness.

Even after I’m old, I’ll always be yours. Your friend, partner, girlfriend… your wife! I will always be the person who will be at your side, supporting your ideas and giving support in your bad days. I will always be the person who will cover you on a cold night and feed you when you are hungry! Always yours!

I know that hugs are not houses, but I would live inside yours.

There are things I need… and one of them is you.

To love is to look at yourself and laugh together for no reason.

You are the right choice, the reason for my life and the comfort of my days. I love you, baby!

Do you know when you want a moment to last forever? Then that’s when I’m with you.

If you want to know how simple I love you: multiply the stars in the sky by the drops of the oceans.

You fit so well in my heart that you may not be shaped like people, but like love.

You have me in such a beautiful way.

You have an incredible way of making my heart happy.

My laughter is so happy with you. My best friend is my love.

Let people talk about us, nobody really knows what happens in our relationship. While others create speculations about our life, we love each other more and more. When you are afraid of other people’s judgments, look at me! We are enough, and our love is what really matters! You are my boyfriend and I am happy to have you!

The light in your eyes illuminates my heart in a magical and dazzling way. I love you, baby!

You have arrived to prove that there is still love, to supply all the time I have waited. I love you.

Your scent is an invitation to lose your mind.

Some touch the skin, some touch the soul.

Good morning, my love! Put a smile on your face and fill your heart with happiness.

The sky is small compared to the size of my love for you. My boyfriend, you are my companion, my guardian angel, my love, my best friend. My love, you are with me at all times, and I want you to one day see yourself – as I see you – as the love of my life. You are my greatest gift from God, I love you for all the days that my eyes open… From here to eternity, forever!

The best wife in the world is you and the most passionate heart ever is mine. I love you, baby!

Happiness comes when a love like ours happens. I love you, baby!

You are the greatest gift God could give me. I love you today and always!

No matter what happens tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, I am happy now because I love you.

You can’t even imagine the peace you transmit, the lightness it is.

It will always be you, never forget it.

That kiss with the taste of love and the will to stay!

The definition of luck is to have you in my life.

When we began to date, I began to perceive all the beauties of life that before passed unnoticed to my eyes. I began to notice how love fills all spaces and transforms all things for good. Changing difficult moments into learning chances, and happy moments into sweet memories!

You smell like home. Best place to stay, live, live.

But when you come, I get much better!

You brought me such a beautiful faith, filled me with the desire to trust again that love does not hurt, it is healing.

You are missing here with me. You miss me!

I always yearned for a “gift of life”, something that would give me a moment of happiness, to make up for all the moments of pain I had already experienced. And suddenly I met you, “my gift from the universe. That you appeared not for a happy moment, but for a life full of love and joys!

I have never loved someone like you, because I have never found such a perfect union as ours!
I have never loved someone like you, because I have never found such a perfect union as ours!

Time goes by and my love for you only increases every day.

I love you, not only now but always, and I dream of the day when you will embrace me again.

You were one of God’s best plans for me!

You and I are one place.

And even when things aren’t working out, your smile shows me that everything will be fine.

One day the distance between us will be like this: you right there on the other pillow.

You pop my mind and lift my body every moment, every second and every hour. Always pisco, there you are. Every space that may exist in my heart or in life, you fill. There is not even a little empty space, for there is you always and in everything. You are the best boyfriend that could be invented and I love you more every day.

Without you my life would be a sea of nothing and a show of silence. I love you!

You can’t deny it, it’s you, it’s been you and it will continue to be you… My choice, my certainty, my love.

Love for me is to be able to allow the one I love to exist as such, as himself. That is the fullest love. To give his freedom to exist beside me as he is.

It has brought an unequalled peace to my life!

I love his way of looking at me calmly, it seems that all the peace in the world fits in your eyes.

Life is good, but it’s much better with you.

He calls me an angel, but he protects me as one.

The more I know you, I know your faults and limitations, the more deeply I love you. I see how similar we are, and when this does not exist, we complete ourselves. We are a perfect couple, and so we always will be.

I love you so much that even when we fight I feel my heart exploding with passion!
I love you so much that even when we fight I feel my heart exploding with passion!

And more and more I am sure that the right person is you.

I love as you love love. I know of no other reason to love than to love. What do you want me to tell you, besides that I love you, if what I want to tell you is that I love you?

My personification of peace and warmth.

Your way of loving makes me believe that you are my home.

You are a universe of good things.

And in the midst of so many people I found you.

You make my whole world turn, but you also make it stand still. It’s amazing how much power you wield in my life. You make it all worthwhile. You make me the person I am!

I’m in love with you and I’ll do anything to keep honoring being called a boyfriend. I love you!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a good time or a bad time, but if it’s by your side, every second is worth it.

When you love, you don’t have to understand what’s going on outside, because everything happens inside you.

I don't see a smile more beautiful than yours, it's just that my heart has really attached to it.
I don’t see a smile more beautiful than yours, it’s just that my heart has really attached to it.

The way is more fun when we do it together.

I love you in all ways and senses.

Let’s see who of us can make the other one happier?

There is no address more beautiful and cozier than your heart.

The heart is mine, but there’s a little bit of you in every corner of it.

Life with you is much more beautiful!

And of the rarest perfumes, I would choose your scent.

You will always have a captive space in my heart, for you are responsible for making the flame burn within it. You are the blessing that has been given to me and to which I need to give thanks every day. I love you forever!

It didn’t take much for me to realize that everything was going to give in love. In fact, I fell in love with you from our first glance.

There is love that seems to have been born to last a lifetime, like mine for you.

It takes little to transform a life entirely: love in the heart and a smile on the lips.

The security your smile brings me is the best reward love could offer me.

Tuning is the sound of harmony between two lives.

To love is to face difficulties hand in hand.

I won’t let you go, I won’t change you and I won’t lend you.

From our first moment together you have been my fortress, the pillar that sustains me, the rope that holds me. Without you I would be lost and in danger among the snakes of the world. You were my savior! I love you!

My love for you is greater than any mountain and deeper than any point in the ocean.

The world is big and fits in this window over the sea. The sea is big and fits on the bed and on the mattress of love. Love is big and fits in the brief space to kiss.

Everyone lives for a reason, mine is you.

The best relationships are born when we look away and realize how lucky we are that someone is there.

Beautiful is the one who makes the best bloom in our hearts.

Your smile saves me from any bad day.

You are in my mind, in my smile and in my certainties.

I wouldn’t care if the sun didn’t shine anymore. I wouldn’t mind if the rain didn’t stop. I wouldn’t mind if I couldn’t enjoy the charm of winter or the pleasures of summer. For all that really matters to me is to be by your side, to be able to look at your face and feel your hands touch me. The only thing I want from the bottom of my heart is to be able to enjoy his presence every day of my life.

My love for you is so great that sometimes it feels like you don’t even fit into this world anymore. I love you, baby!

And now I know how good it has been for me to know you. I love you!

The joy of knowing that you exist makes me strong to bear the sadness of your absence. I love you!

The most beautiful cliché I’ve ever seen.

There are arms that are homes. Hugs are homes. Yours is mine.

The light of my days, the reason for my smile!

The distance does not diminish the importance.

I never knew what love was in life until I met it, and I know that most live an illusion, because my feeling is different from all the others. It is extremely intense. You drive me crazy and make me realize that happiness only exists at your side.

No night is lonely if some star lights it up. Good dreams, my love!

You are the only certainty I have in my life.

I’ll fool myself once again, pretending that I love you sometimes, as if I didn’t always love you.

I’ve made your embrace my only shelter.

Whoever really wants to, always finds a way.

You smiled at me and life changed.

When I’m at your side I forget all the chaos that surrounds me, it’s as if you detached me from this world and took me to a world of our own.

The world seems like a completely different place from the moment you entered my life. Everything seems like a dream from which I no longer want to wake up. My passion for you elevates me to paradise.

Don’t fight, don’t run back and don’t force things, because true love is something simple and natural.

I am proud to have you by my side!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart.
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart.

A tight and warm embrace, happiness that overflows in the eye.

We belong in such a unique way, our connection is so rare.

Blessed is the destiny that has united my love with yours.

You are my most precious jewel.

For you there will always be a smile on my lips and a cozy place in my heart, for beside you the world takes on other outlines and I seem to live an endless dream.

I knew I would have many surprises in life, but nothing had prepared me for the love I found in you.

I want the good fortune to have your smile always around!

I only need to say this once and you only have to listen to what I’m going to say. I love you. And it’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish. I don’t deserve you.

About getting to know someone intimate and being even more enchanted.
About getting to know someone intimate and being even more enchanted.

You have me in such a beautiful way, love.

Each with your luck, you are mine!

I love you not only for what you are. But also for what I am as I am with you.

I pray every day, in thanksgiving, for having you and asking to be allowed to be by your side for the rest of my life. Together with you I am full of happiness. I am all yours and for you I can and will do everything so that I never see you sad.

The love that unites us will always be the answer to all my uncertainties.

Your smile is my point of peace.

Beautiful couples are those who above lovers, are friends. They play, they fight, they make fun of each other, they bite, they pinch, but they love each other in a way that no person in the world can doubt. Love is not only kissing and making love, love is care, love is affection, love is also friendship!

There are people who come and make everything look beautiful.
There are people who come and make everything look beautiful.

That kiss with the taste of love and the will to stay…

I chose you and I would choose a thousand other times.

I really miss you. I love you!

The joys of life can provide from the most diverse sources, family, friends, professional success, fulfillment of wishes, among others. But my joy comes from being able to share life with you. You are the best boyfriend in the world and the true love of my life.

I always thought that perfection did not exist until I met you and together we built this beautiful love story.

My darling, you are my home!

Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a big heart to include the thorns.

Full tuning: when body, soul and mind fit together perfectly.

Make yourself at home, my home is yours. My eyes, my smile, my body and my heart.

A day with you is a synonym of perfect.

My life has become more colorful since you arrived.

Among so many novels eternalized in history, there are those who believe that the forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet tops the list. They don’t know how wrong they are, for what lies between us cannot be surpassed by what has already been told or by what is to come. We are unique and we are more.

My boyfriend, my love, it was always you who moved me and made me happier. I love you to infinity!

Each with your luck, you are mine!

When the mouth can’t say what the heart feels, the best is to let the mouth feel what the heart says.

Some people are all you need to know about love.

I choose you. With all that I am, with the little that I have and with the infinite that I feel.

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