Tumblr Phrases

If you love Tumblr phrases to post on your blog, Instagram, Facebook or photo captions, check out some of the best ones we've selected for you! DON'T FOLLOW ME,...

Everyday phrases

The everyday sentences are great to motivate us and reflect on the events of life. Check out some of the best ones you can share on your statuses or with your WhatsApp...

Gratitude Quotes (Messages)

Gratitude is something that should be present in our daily lives.Posting phrases of gratitude on your social networks is great for conveying positivity and good humor. Check out some of the best!

Sad phrases for moments of sadness

The moments of sadness need special attention, as they serve to reflect and seek recovery. If you feel like you need to express your sadness, check out some of...

Smile Quotes (Messages)

A smile on your face is a genuine expression of happiness. Check out the best phrases about smile for you to post as a caption for your photos, there are several messages!

Phrases for photo alone

If you want to post a picture of yourself on your social networks but are uninspired to write a caption sentence, check out some of the best ones we've selected for you...

Reflection phrases (Messages)

Reflecting is always good! We think about our actions, goals and pursuits in our life. Reflection is part of a learning process. We selected several great phrases and reflection...

Impacting Phrases (Messages)

Check out great impacting phrases for you to share on your social networks or post as a caption to one of your photos on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp status or wherever else you...

Strong Phrases (Messages)

Strong phrases can help you at different times in life, especially in the most difficult and decisive ones. Check out the best strong messages that will impact your life!

Self-esteem phrases (Messages)

Self-esteem phrases can help boost your self-esteem! Check out some of the best ones we've selected from We Can! No obstacle...

Friendship Quotes (Messages)

Friendship phrases are great for you to share on your social networks or send to your friends. They strengthen our relationships and make the day better, with more positivity!

Romantic Phrases for Boyfriend (Messages)

Romantic phrases are great for expressing our feelings about our love. Check out the best messages for you to send to your boyfriend the one you like the most!

Phrases about Family (Messages)

The family is often our safe haven. Thank your family and share phrases about them with some of the best we have selected for you!

Short phrases for photo (Messages)

Are you thinking of posting a photo and want to share short sentences? Check out some of the best messages! Having...

Photo Phrases (Messages for Subtitles)

Whenever we post photos on our social networks, we want to put a message in the caption so that it has a greater impact and generates reflection on whomever sees it. Here...

TOP Phrases for Instagram

Posting pictures on Instagram is a great way to raise our self-esteem and motivate others. Check out a selection of TOP phrases for you to caption your photos or post in your...

Whatsapp Phrases (Messages for Status, SMS, Instagram and Facebook)

Putting impact phrases on your WhastApp status is a great way to make people reflect on some issues and/or get to know you a little better. In our previous...

Beautiful Phrases of Love (Messages)

When we are loving a person, we want their good and we want them to feel good. Sending a beautiful message of love is an act that will brighten your day and...

Motivation Phrases (Messages)

Are you in need of motivation? Check out some of the best phrases and messages for you to motivate yourself and go after your goals!

Happy Birthday Phrases (Messages)

We have selected the best phrases for you to send to friends and family who have a birthday today! Check them out:

Phrases about Friendship (Messages)

Friendship is very important in our lives. Check out a selection of phrases about friendship, they are several beautiful messages! Our...

Love Phrases (Messages)

Love phrases are great for showing your feelings for someone. Here are some great ones to share with the people you love!

Good Night Phrases (Messages)

Say good night through phrases and messages to your WhatsApp contacts or by posting on your social networks. Check out a selection of the best!

Good Afternoon in sentences, images and messages

Giving a good afternoon to the people you like and to your contacts and friends from social networks is great! You can check out some of the best phrases we've selected in...

Good Morning in Sentences, Pictures and Messages

Good Morning Phrases are great for you to share as your WhatsApp Status, Stories in your Instagram, Facebook timeline and social networks or send to the people you have most contact with....

Motivational Phrases and Messages

Phrases and motivational messages have an incredible ability to change the way we feel about life. That's why I find them so interesting and crucial in our paths to success.